Digitaal leermateriaal ter discussie op Visieopleermateriaal.nl

Message forwarded on behalf of Digischool / Kennisnet

Wat is de toekomst van digitaal leermateriaal? Geef uw mening over digitaal leermateriaal op www.visieopleermateriaal.nl of reageer op filmpjes waarin docenten, bestuurders en beleidsmakers binnen het onderwijs hun visie geven.

Op de tweede dag van Dé Onderwijsdagen om 12:30u kunt u ook live debatteren over de toekomst van digitaal leermateriaal onder leiding van van Frénk van der Linden. Neem nu alvast een kijkje op Visieopleermateriaal.nl.

His Master’s Voice


Hear, hear!!!

Kennisnet, Wikiwijs and Digischool offer a nice incentive to teachers who share their homespun materials with others. A digital voice recorder might be extremely useful in your tto-class room.

A student whose Dunglish backfires out of the speakers in your class room may become more susceptible to your excellent pronunciation, or you could record your own classroom English, which is even better.

To obtain the wonderful gadget you only have to upload one of those stunningly nifty worksheets or amazing Powerpoint presentations you have been producing now for years and years for your tto classes in geography, history, maths, pe, religous studies or whatever subject you happen to teach in English. Store your work in Digischool ‘s Database.

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Wikiwijs is a new hub which enables teachers to publish and share their materials

Finding teaching materials for CLIL lessons can be a conundrum.  Also a lot of colleagues like to base their energizers, hands on tasks and nifty tests on own ideas.  It would be nice if we shared those efforts.

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