Dunglish in an advertisement for a well known Dutch Company

Get online simple and easy. Internet on our PC from €3,-. Purchase time online with your credit card, just click the top button to begin.

There are three mistakes to be found in the text on the billboard shown in the picture above.

The first one I did see, the use of adjectives instead of adverbs, “simple and easy” instead of “simply and easily”, I failed to see the others. That’s scary!

I teach in English for four hours per week. Every so often my use of English is corrected by a student, and my thanks are heartfelt when it happens. Learning a second language entails life-long learning, and if I succeed in putting this across to my students, I’ve done well, I hope. I am not too sure about it.

I copied the picture from a hilarious site about Dunglish. In case you are a native speaker you will have noticed all the flaws immediately. But if you don’t have a clue, then have a look at the answer. I learnt a lot from going over all the posts in this blog.

By the way, if you trip over my Dunglish in this blog, then, please, use the opportunity to write a scathing comment. We can’t allow any Dunglish in this community, can we?


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