Roaming the blogosphere I came across a jewel. It is a blog by a first former who uses this blog as a portfolio of her work in the art room.

She also comments on works done by professional artists:

This statue I realy don’t like. It’s a naked man that is looking to something while with a coverlet (how else do you say it?) and lot of windbut that is blowing the coverlet (kind of) away. I don’t like this statue at al the colour, the figure, not my thing.

Clearly Fransje grapples with her English …a coverlet .. I bet she found that in a dictionary.

It is a wonderful blog. Fransje likes art, and she writes about it. Such texts are also produced by my students, I meet the same hesitations (“how do you say it”), the inevitable spelling errors. I admire the work of a fellow teacher behind this blog. Quite daring, I must say. Possibly Fransje was adamant about it.  My students publish their work in the school’s electronic learning environment which is protected.

Have a look .at Fransje’s blog at


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